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Doug Mastriano for Governor

On January 8, 2022 Doug Mastriano OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED his plan to run for Governor of Pennsylvania. Though this announcement has been greatly anticipated, the work is far from over. Please continue to support Doug with your contributions and your service throughout the continued campaign. 

Doug and Rebbie, for Pennsylvania

This is a grassroots campaign.

It costs millions of dollars to

run a campaign for political office,

so no dollar will go unused.

We thank you for your support!

Doug and Rebbie for the People
Protecting Life
Protecting Taxpayers
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Protecting 2nd Ammendment Rights


There are so many blessings from both the words and actions of Douglas Mastriano. However, what struck me with such intensity, was how the Senator, in his public service as an elected official, never ceased to acknowledge God for past accomplishments as well as for future initiatives. And Doug did this knowing that the wisdom and strength that he sought to work for truth and justice was not in himself but in Jesus Christ of whom he sought through public prayer. In the face of government corruption and consequent distrust, I found myself engaged with hopeful expectations that Doug Mastriano could be that instrument of revival for our Pennsylvania Commonwealth, the reclaiming of our constitutional freedoms, and as a testimony to point PA citizens back to God, the giver of all good gifts, and His Son to whom all glory is due.

~ Ernie Springer

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